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Value comes in many shapes and sizes.  The first thing we think when we hear the word value is money. But there are other ways to deliver – or not deliver – value:

  • Ease of communication

  • Fast problem solving

  • Quick action when it’s needed

  • Respect

  • Friendliness

  • Professionalism

First, the money.  We will be at least 20% cheaper than our larger competitors and we will generally deliver more services than they do.

We have an extensive new team member training program.  It’s not just about their technical proficiency. They are measured on their inclusion of our core values in their interactions with you.  It’s my job to deliver money value to you. It is my team’s job to deliver value with all the non-monetary items. They are trained, watched and measured to make sure this happens.

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Gem Payroll offers payroll processing services designed to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses. With headquarters in Naples Florida, we make our services available throughout SW Florida and surrounding counties.

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