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You have my phone number because I want to know if you have a problem that my team has not fixed.  All companies have to differentiate themselves from their competition. And it can’t just be talk. Here is my company’s internal catchphrase:  Under Promise and Over Deliver. This is how I measure my team.  


Their salary, raises and bonuses are based on how well they score with under promising and over delivering. have a team member that scours the internet looking for problems customer have with their payroll processor.  I do this so I know what to look for in my own company. While everyone talks about what they are going to do, we also talk about what we will not do.




I have to be fair to you and I ask that you are fair to me and my team.  If we make a mistake, we have to fix it. And notify you. If you make a mistake, you need to work with us to fix the problem.  We all have the same goal: we want your employees properly paid.


While this goes without saying, it is talked about a lot more than it is practiced.  One of the major complaints about my competitors is they bill you for work performed that you thought was in the basic service. This is not honest. I want you to never be surprised by one of our invoices. I won’t ever make a mistake and keep it from you.


Merriam-Webster says Transparent is “free from pretense or deceit.”  It is so much easier to work together when we understand each other. We do not have hidden agendas.  We will deliver a great service and want to be paid for that service.

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