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  • Tom Matthews

Customer Service and Air Conditioning

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

You know this story. It’s midnight on Saturday and the house seems very warm. I check the thermostat: temperature set at 72, house temp at 78. Welcome to summers in SWFL.  This is where it gets fun. I call an air conditioning company on Sunday morning. I want to leave a message so I’m first on the list Monday morning. Instead of leaving a message, the phone is answered. An appointment is set for 1:00PM on Sunday afternoon.  The name of the company is Advanced Air and they are already exceeding my expectations.  Rob shows up and gives me the news I already know. My unit is 12 years old and has rattled for the last time. He runs through the numbers, gives me three options (statistically, people almost always choose the middle choice when given three options). I choose the cheapest option. I don’t need the $10,000 AC unit that can talk to me!  Then Rob goes out to his truck and brings in a portable AC unit that he sets up in the master bedroom. What a great touch. With this simple gesture, Robb has really taken the bite out of such a large expenditure. The installation appointment is set for Monday morning at 9:00AM with the promise – guaranteed promise – of cold air at 1:00PM.  As you might guess, they showed up at 9:00 and were on the road before 1:00PM.  Two days later the inspector checks the installation of the compressor and fails it. He believes the compressor units are too close together (4 of them) and airflow is not where he wants it to be. We call Advanced Air and they say we’ll deal with it. No hesitation, nothing for us to do, no extra cost. They just do it, and with a smile on their face.  In today’s world of talk without action, it is great to see really good customer service in action. I have never written a blog post endorsement of a company. Advanced Air is not a client, I don’t know the owner and I’m not paid by them. But I can tell you I’m willing to climb up the mountain and shout out their praises.  What do your customers think of you? How do you know? What do you do once the sale is closed? Say thanks? Ask how it went? Good food for thought. 

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